From a Hobby to a Career

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“Cantonese Opera is the career that I really wish to pursue in my life.” said Lam Ka-hei, a 18 year-old university student.

Ka-hei has a unique hobby. She practiced Cantonese Opera since she was seven. She trains with her teacher every Saturday, who has been her coach ever since she started.

When first meet Ka-hei, you would not think she has such an unique hobby. She is just like any other students, who participate actively in university activities. But if you follow her to her training classes, you’ll see a totally different side of her.

She stretches and kicks, she sings and she acts. What’s more, her role is a Xiaosheng, meaning a young male character. She sings out verses of the play in a deep, strong voice. You can never imagine this quiet and intelligent girl can perform in such a powerful and contagious way.

Ka-hei thinks that she might not be able to become a professional actress, but she is still deeply interested in devoting her career in Cantonese Opera, like wardrobe(衣箱) and musician(鑼鼓師傅).

Yet, the road leading to becoming a professional is never easy for this girl with aspiration and many fantasies about her future. Her parents, who are quite conservative, do not want their daughter to make Cantonese Opera as her career since they believe that being a Cantonese Opera performer cannot earn a living.

It never rains but it pours. Ka-hei’s teacher, Miss Lau Wai Ming, also discourages her from pursuing this goal. Miss Lau doesn’t want Ka-hei to experience the hardship she faced when she started her career as an apprentice.

“I know it’s not the smoothest path to go, but since I’ve gone so far, I will keep chasing my dream,” Ka-hei is still hopeful of entering the industry.

From a Hobby to a Career, captured all of this, from Ka-hei’s hobby to developing it into a career, as well as the hardships and discouragements that she faces along the way.



This audio slideshow was conducted in Admiralty, where the pro-democratic occupy movement was held. The reason we chose this place, aside from its amount of population, was that people from all walks of life gathered here. The Admiralty we usually see is only for businessmen and politicians, but through this occupy movement, families, students, grown-ups, and even elderly people are here. This gives us diversity to our vox pop.

The question we asked them was “Your most touching movement in umbrella movement?” We thought of this question because the scale and impact of this movement was something Hong Kong had not experienced before, and we wanted to record everybody’s memorable moment in this slideshow.

We invited a variety of people to do our Vox Pop, both young and old, students and adults, the famous and the ordinary. We wanted to see if different people had different reaction to the same incident.


Phoebe’s Photo Essay

Grandma, who was born in 1933, met Grandpa in Guangzhou when she was 18. Grandma dedicated her whole life to taking care of their children and assisting Grandpa to start his first business. Overcoming all the difficulties and trying all their endeavours, Grandma carrying her four children migrated to Hong Kong in 1964. She has never moaned and groaned about the poor living condition at the beginning of migration. Instead, she tried to provide her children the best in poverty. Two years later, Grandpa united with the family in Hong Kong and began to start his Garment Industry with the aid of Grandma. In 2006, Grandpa passed away and Grandma started to live on her own feet.

1. Grandma bought this bed when she had rooted in Hong Kong 50 years ago. She is not willing to change a new one even if she moves into a new flat.

2. Grandma loves to watch TV while she is lying on bed. The TV set is a birthday present from my cousin and Grandma cherishes it very much.

3. Grandma loves wearing loose and comfortable clothes in dull color.

4. Grandma insists doing every washing step by herself although she has a maid.

5. Grandma is curious. She reads a multitude of articles even though she doesn’t know many words.

6. Watching TV is her biggest entertainment on weekdays. She is used to watching news channel in an effort to keep herself updated for the surroundings.

7. It is inevitable for an 80-year-old woman to have some health problems. Grandma has to take medicine regularly.

8. Grandma always goes to the supermarket and looks for bargains.

9. Grandma always keeps something for a rainy day. She buys grocery time to time to fill the cupboard.

10. Standing in front of the basket long to pick the freshest oranges for her grandchildren.

11. Grandma chooses every ingredient patiently for a family dinner.

12. Grandma is used to exposing the vegetable before washing it.

13. Grandma has learnt to cook since she was 18, which was also the year she married my Grandpa.

14. Grandma persists in peeling the orange by her wrinkled hand instead of using a knife.

15. Every week, Grandma opts for the best pomelo and renews the rotten one for worshipping my Grandpa, who passed away 8 years ago.